Don’t Forget to Exercise

Many years ago, when I first started walking this walk of love, I made a comment to a friend that there are many opportunities to step out of love each day. She responded by saying, “Every day there are many opportunities to walk in love.”

Every day we are presented with opportunities to love. Some may look like opportunities to help others, smile at others, bless others. Some may be a lot of fun and ones that we look forward to doing. Then again, some of those opportunities may look like keeping your mouth shut when you really don’t want to. They may look like forgiving the same person over and over again, for the same offense no less! Good or bad, each one is an opportunity to love.

I once heard a minister say that he considers the trials and temptations, especially the ones that come due to the unlovely actions and words of other people, as exercise equipment. He saw them as opportunities to practice walking in love and develop in his strength and ability to love.

He compared our potential to love like God loves as similar to a baby that is born with all the same muscles as a grown human man. There is potential in each muscle. But as he grows, the strength, ability and agility of each muscle will depend on how much it is used and how much it is pressed beyond it’s previous threshold in order to bring growth and strength.

Love is just like that. As born-again children of God we are born with the potential to love like He loves. Now how strong that love becomes in our lives depends on how much we use it and how much we press to love more today than we did yesterday.

I encourage you to begin to see things differently. The next time someone really pushes your buttons don’t look at it as a temptation to be unlovely. Look at it as another opportunity to grow in love.

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