I Love You

Every time I breathe You seem a little bit closer
I never want to leave
I want to stay in Your warm embrace
Oh basking in the glory shining from Your face
And every time I get another glimpse of Your heart
I realize it’s true
That You are so marvelous God
And I am so in love with You
~Lyrics from Big Daddy Weave’s song Every Time I Breathe

Most mornings I wake up with a song in my heart and most days that song has something to do with how much I love God or how much He loves me. And I’m so grateful for that. It’s hard to wake up in a bad mood when the first thing I hear is a praise to the Creator of the Universe Who loves me!

This morning as I woke to this song by Big Daddy Weave, the more I heard it, the more I sang it, the more amazing it seemed that the King of the Universe loves me and that the Creator of the Universe desires to be loved by me.

My love means something to Him. How amazing is that? How awesome is that?

It reminded me of the time that my husband and I first began dating (in high school). I waited eagerly for his phone calls. When he was coming over to my house, I didn’t wait in the house, I waited outside so I could see his car coming down the street. If it was dark or raining, I sat at the window waiting for that first glimpse of his headlights coming around the curve. I was in love and I longed to be with the one I loved.

God loves me. He wants to spend time with me. Does He watch and wait for me? Is He watching and waiting for you?

He is Love. It’s not a human love. There is no selfishness in Him at all. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t thrill His heart to spend time with you and to hear those three little words uttered from your mouth, “I love You”.

Arise, my love , my fair one, and come away…  my beloved shepherd said to me… while you are here… let me see your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely. (Song of Solomon 2:13,14; Amplified)

Do I take time to meet my Good Shepherd each day, letting Him tell me of His love, and cheering His heart with my interest in Him? (footnote to Song of Solomon 2:13 from the Amplified Bible)

Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high… (Psalm 91:14, Amplified)

I love You Lord.

2 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. This post reminded me of my favorite scripture. This is an excerpt of the devotional He gave me to give to MOPS:
    “Lastly, Jesus’ presentation of us before the Father in Jude 1:2 (AMP): ‘Now to Him Who is able to keep you without stumbling or slipping or falling, and to present [you] unblemished (blameless and faultless) before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation [with unspeakable, ecstatic delight].’ So this is the picture…Jesus is jumping around in delight before the Father and ‘introduces’ you to Him by saying, ‘Oh, Father! This is _____! She is so awesome! I couldn’t wait for you to meet her!'”

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