You Are…

Picked up a new song from iTunes last week. “Beautiful” by Gateway Worship. One of the lines says, “I just want to dwell on Who You are.” This stirs so many beautiful thoughts in my heart. Here are just a few.

You are Love. Forever patient and kind.

You are the One Who made that love mine.

You are my wisdom, my Guide and my Light.

You took my blind eyes and gave me sight.

You are My Father, Who cares for me.

You are my life. The very reason I breathe.

You are My Savior, Who bled and died.

You are the One Who has called me your Bride.

You created the beauty I see.

You are My King, I bow to Thee.

You caused the waves in my life to cease.

You are my calm, My Prince of Peace.

You are the Wisdom I seek every day.

You are the reason my heart sings today.

You are so awesome there is none like You.

And because of all this, I worship You.

One thought on “You Are…

  1. I really like that song, too. I thought I told you about it already! Your thoughts make me sigh with happiness. Good stuff!

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