Small Stuff

A few weeks ago I received a call from a family member. She was upset. She was a little frantic. She asked for prayer. Why? She had lost her husband’s very nice camera and was leaving for a trip with him the next morning.

She said she remembered using the camera the day before to take pictures of the wildflowers on their property. She said she remembers bringing the camera in and putting it in a ‘safe’ place. Sound familiar?

She had spent all morning searching the house and all her safe places, but still no camera.

I told her that I loved her and that if I knew where the camera was, I would tell her. Then I told her that God did know where the camera was and that He loves her more than I do.

I told her we were going to ask God to show her where the camera was and that was exactly what He was going to do. Ask anything in My Name and the Father will give it to you (Jn 16:23).

I also told her that God is love and to let His love drive all that fear out of her heart over this situation. Fear has a very loud voice that puts pressure on us. I told her God’s voice, Love’s voice, is a still small voice, and to hear it you must get quiet on the inside.

So we prayed and I told her to stop trying to find the camera, go finish her packing, and that when she heard that still, small voice in the form of a peaceful voice in her heart, to then follow it.

We hung up. She called me about 3 minutes later and said, “Guess what.” I said, “You found the camera.” She said, “I found the camera.”

After we got off the phone she headed out through the garage to her yard in order to move her sprinkler. As she walked through the garage she had a thought about a place she had been in the garage with the camera. She looked and there it was. It wasn’t in the house in a safe place. It was in the garage and she hadn’t even considered looking there. But her heavenly Father loves her. She asked for help and he helped her.

Today, I realized I had misplaced my favorite Bible highlighter. I began searching for it in all the places I keep it or use it regularly. I looked and looked. I began to get a little frustrated. Then I remembered what I had shared with my family member. So I asked Daddy God to help me find the highlighter. I stopped looking for it and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast. As I stepped into the kitchen I had this question cross my mind, “Did it accidentally get put in the kitchen drawer?”

I’ve never put it there before, but decided to check. There it was. I found it less than a minute after asking for His help.

So why did I tell you all this? Because this doesn’t happen every day? No, He’d like to help us this way every day.

I told you all of this, because it amazes me and blesses me that the King of the Universe, the Creator of all life and all things, God Almighty cares about helping one of His children find a camera or a highlighter. He cares about this, because He cares for us and He cares about the things we care about.

When I take note of these little ‘miracles’, it helps me to trust Him more and more with the big stuff. But in reality it’s all small stuff to Him. Nothing is impossible with God.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. (1 Peter 5:7, NLT)

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