Fill in the Blanks

I never really stopped to think about this before, but in each relationship that I am in, there will always be things that I don’t know about the other person. There will always be things that they don’t know about me. After 17 years of marriage, my husband came home one day and said his office was sending him to Brussels. My response was, “You mean they are sending us to Brussels.” He was surprised to find out that I had always wanted to go there. He had never known this about me.

So what don’t we know about each other? And in those unknown areas, in those blanks if you will, who is filling in the blanks?

The Bible tells us that love thinks no evil and is ever ready to believe the best of each person. Love forgives and forgets. Love covers a multitude of sins. The Bible also tells us that the enemy is the accuser of the brethren. Who is filling in the blanks in your relationships, at home, at work, or anywhere else you may come in contact with others? Or in your thoughts about others?

I watched a movie recently. I’m not endorsing it, but it was interesting and entertaining. The majority of the time in this movie is spent in people’s dreams. In these dreams there will be people known in real life by the dreamer, but in their dream it is not the real person but their “projection” of that person.

The main character’s wife was lovely in real life, but due to his own guilt, in his dream his projection of her was anything but lovely. It was twisted and tainted and not a true image of her.

If we allow the enemy to fill in the blanks, the image we have of others may not be a true image of them. It may turn out to be a twisted and tainted image. But if we allow God Who is love to fill in the blanks, God Who is also omniscient and knows the hearts of men, we will get a truer image of that person. And sometimes we just need to acknowledge that there are blanks and be willing to leave them blank, but in the process love each other by believing the best.

2 thoughts on “Fill in the Blanks

  1. Wonderful! Amazing how He uses everything, even a secular movie, to bring Him glory, thus your revelation of this truth today! Glory to God!

  2. I discovered this quite by accident. It was warm and reassuring to me. I love your use of words to express such gentle thoughts.

    Thank you
    JAye—now I can return to my own attempts of expressions

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