My husband and I live in an area that is prone to high traffic. Many days I find myself waiting in traffic. Many days he finds himself waiting in traffic. Then there are those days when we are going somewhere together and find ourselves waiting in traffic together. As the traffic moves along at a slow and frustrating pace, eventually one of us will say to the other, “At least we’re together.” And that makes it all better.

The traffic that was so frustrating just a minute before, somehow doesn’t seem so bad when you are waiting with someone you love.

I had an interesting thought this morning. I thought about the many times I have heard someone say, “I’m waiting on God”. Waiting on Him to do something, to bring some long awaited promise to pass. Sometimes waiting patiently and other times not so patiently. But what if instead of saying, “I’m waiting on God” we instead say “I’m waiting with God”.

Joseph had a dream. It appears that he was about seventeen years-old when he had his first dream (Genesis 37:2). The Bible then tells us in Genesis 41:46 that Joseph was thirty years old when that dream was fulfilled. He waited thirteen years from the time he received the dream to it’s fulfillment. And as you read his story, there is one phrase that stands out, “And the LORD was with Joseph”.

He didn’t wait alone in that pit. He didn’t wait alone as a slave. He didn’t wait alone in that prison. He didn’t just wait on God. He waited with God.

What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting with? Perhaps it will seem much easier if you are waiting with Someone you love, Someone Who dearly loves you.

3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I ask myself this so many times. What are you waiting for?

    I feel, sometimes your post are written just for me.

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