I Want to Hold Your Hand

I’ve been reading a book that has really changed my mind. It has actually renewed my mind in a way that has greatly impacted my life as a child of God. The title of the book is WITH by Skye Jethani. I highly recommend it. I will not be sharing much from the book in this post, so this is not the cliff notes or wikipedia for the book. You need to read it for yourself. However, I will say that the ‘point’ of the book is to point the reader to living a life with God as opposed to a life over, under, from, and for God. You should read it.

That one little word, with, makes all the difference in the world as we live our lives in relation to God. Since reading this book, I have endeavored to look at everything before me, moment by moment, not only with God in mind, but with God’s input through my relationship (ongoing fellowship and communion) with Him. I do this not to benefit myself, but out of love for the One Who died for me, so that I could not only live, but live with Him.

Lately, I have found myself saying this, “I want to take His hand and let Him lead me.” My prayer of late has been simply this, “I want to hold Your hand.”

Oftentimes, we get instruction or direction from God, about things He wants us to do for His kingdom and in service to others. Oftentimes, we say, “Yes, Lord” and then take off on our own to do what He asked us to do, but do it in our own strength, our own ability, and our own limited understanding. All our understanding is limited in comparison to His! Why do we do this? We have a God that wants us to partner with Him. He is the God with Whom all things are possible. And more and more these days, I imagine God extending His hand to me and inviting me to walk with Him, through life, through the difficulties, through the good times, and bad.

I think about a parent taking a child’s hand and leading them across a busy street. I think about a parent taking their child’s hand and leading them through a park or a zoo leading them to and showing them all the beauty and wonders. I think about a parent taking a child’s hand just to make a connection through physical touch. I want to hold God’s hand. Yes, to be protected. Yes, to be led to beauty and wonders. But now more than ever, just to remain connected.

My prayer: Teach me how to live With You. Teach me how to take Your hand and walk with You.

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