Somewhere in Berlin is a congregation of Jews who enjoyed the love and fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters that traveled halfway around the world just to be with them. Somewhere in Berlin is a German tour guide who was blessed by hearing words of forgiveness for his nation’s past sins. Somewhere in Brussels is a group of Christian women who received words of love and encouragement from the Father through a little group of people who traveled from Texas. Somewhere in Brussels is a group of high school boys that heard of the fearlessness of another young man named David who slew a giant. Somewhere in Brussels is a blind man that lost his way in a train station only to be helped by Christians who had traveled from far away just to be there in his moment of need. Somewhere in my heart I carry the people of Germany and Belgium because they hold a special place somewhere in God’s heart too.

Look into His heart. You might just find that somewhere in His heart is calling out for you.