I’m Not Who I Was

I’ve heard the song “I’m Not Who I Was” by Brandon Heath on the radio many times. Very catchy tune. Good and interesting lyrics. But just haven’t thought about it much.

Today as I worked around the house, I heard that song come up in my heart and the words, “I’m not who I was” brought a smile to my face.

I’m not who I was and it’s entirely because of my God, because of His Presence, His Word and His love in my life.

I was the one who got in trouble a lot in my family. I tested all the limits.

I was the one who was mostly depressed from a very young age.

I was the one who was scared of just about everything. Literally, it was easier to name the things I was not afraid of than to list those I did fear.

I was the one who many believed was least likely to succeed.

I was the ‘fragile’ one, emotionally and physically.

I was the weak one.

Then I found out who I was in Christ.

When trials, tribulations and tragedies struck our family, I turned out to be the strong one that helped the rest of the family stay strong and stay together. Only because He is My Strength.

When attacks came and fear tried to take control, I was the one who did not fear and helped others not to fear. Why? Because His love had driven all fear out of my heart.

The emotionally weak one had become the strongest and today I help to strengthen others through His Word and through His grace.

The physically sick and weak one become the healed and healthy one and daily I help others to receive their healing from God.

The one least likely to succeed has become very successful. Measured not only by material possessions, but  by the joy, the peace, and the love in my life.

The one who swore to never love again due to fear of being hurt, today is teaching others about God’s unconditional and overwhelming love.

The one who was sad and depressed is now full of joy and can hardly keep from smiling and bursting out in song throughout the day.

Because of My God, I’m not who I was.