Healing Testimony

*****Update #2. Did not locate another video yet, but it may help you to read my post entitled HIV Healing @ https://highwayoflove.com/2010/07/26/hiv-healing/ *****

*****I recently tried to view the video below and found that it had been removed from Youtube. In the video Dwayne gave his testimony of being healed of HIV. I will try to locate another video with his testimony and post it. Sorry about that.*****

Check this out. I love Dwayne Wood’s song “God Still Heals” and today as I searched the internet for the lyrics, I found this video of Dwayne giving his testimony. I hadn’t known what he was healed of prior to today. God is so good! (He’s singing a different song on this video).

4 thoughts on “Healing Testimony

  1. I’ve never heard of him before, but what a phenominal testimony! I’ve not personally heard of healing from HIV either. You are so wonderful to incorporate this into your blog! Thanks!

  2. We actually had a member at our church that was healed of HIV. So I have heard of it before.

    I have played Dwayne’s song “God Still Heals”, which is basically his testimony set to music, in the healing meetings and in the prison meetings and it has really ministered to people. He mentions in the song that he was healed, but not what he was healed of.

    I know I’ve been on healing the last couple of days, but it’s still all about love. Jesus was moved with compassion and He healed!

  3. Jesus sure is a healer, For everyone infected with the HIV virus, just know Jesus is stil in the business of healing people that believe. Just let Jesus do that which only Him can do.

  4. My eyes have seen, I have heard of wonders in the name of Jesus. He is the only one who has the ability to heal. Good thing is, He does it with compassion simply by the words of His mouth. He’s got the ability to restore hope and make anyone who will call on His name whole again! Sweet Jesus

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